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925 Grind: Eloise – Music Shop 1

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People come in and some know what they want; some don’t. It’s funny, but some of those who know what they want are harder to deal with than those who don’t. Why? Because they deal in snatches of a tune or in identikit pictures of the artists whose recordings they want you to sniff out. I’m like a bloodhound though – I have a real ear for a tune first off, a passion for music (which strangely some people who work in a music shop don’t) and if I can’t dredge what they want up from my memory banks I am a Google samurai – able to slice up a query finer than sashimi on the wing.
Not that any of this does me any favours with the boss – he doesn’t like us spending too much time with the customers – the bread and butter of the establishment. He’s a clueless fuck who doesn’t seem to realise that customer service is the only way to get repeat customers because when you can download or order online for cheaper than you could ever buy it in a music shop, what is gonna keep you coming back? Yeah, you got it – service.
I was always ahead of the curve as far as knowing when stuff was coming out, and even now when everyone has all this shit at their fingertips they still need to know where to look and how to look; they still need a tried and tested, 24 carat, bulletproof sense of what is good and what sucks a big one. People do not expect me to know what I know because I am just some stupid girly and the only effective musos are the ones with long hair and ratty beards – well, fuck that. Ever heard of PJ Harvey motherfucker? Courtney Love? Katherine Hanna? Take it back and who do you have? Patti Smith, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Marianne Faithful. Janis Joplin – they could rock out in ways some of the little boys back then couldn’t even dream of. They were sexy, had plenty of sex, and still stood tall.
We get to choose the music that goes on during the day and I try to throw some fucked up shit into the mix – no one wants blandrock 24/7 or snoozejazz, or girlgroup circle-jerk bullshit that stands no chance of getting the blood rushing. I was named for The Damned song so sue me if I have something of an attitude about this shit – how can you believe that it’s only music and work or frequent a music store? That kind of thing doesn’t make any sense to me, but it is depressingly an attitude that I come across all too frequently.
It’s great when someone comes in that shares the passion you do and is into some great tunes and can turn you onto things you might not have readily listened to by yourself. When someone comes in and the things they like suck ass but they at least have some love for what they are talking about you kind of think well, maybe this one can be saved. Arrogant, huh? Maybe – but then if you don’t get that then you obviously don’t feel the same way about music as I do. For you it’s probably just a passing interest and not a passion. I don’t care to understand that attitude, or you come to that.