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925 Grind: Eloise – Music Shop 2 – Mystery Girls

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I take a seat near the bar, and I work to catch the barman’s eye. Doesn’t take long. He walks up to me, and as often happens, he assumes a familiarity with me which is on such a shoddy base he is never going to be able to build on it – doesn’t mean he won’t try though. I obviously use my understanding that this is going to happen to get served quicker at a bar – it’s cynical, but it works.

‘You dig that shit on the jukebox.’

‘Yeah, you don’t?’

‘Na, derivative as fuck. I mean, what is this track supposed to be about?’

‘Well, Karen O is paying tribute to the New York Dolls, you know them, right?’


‘Right – couldn’t get all that through your Shazam, right?’

He smiles and swallows. Am I being cruel? Maybe a little. But what is the point of coming in like you know everything when you don’t even notice that the person who you are talking to is the one who selected the tracks on the jukebox?

He tries to hang in there, which I give him kudos for, but the guy is barely even surface cool, and I can tell a quick fingernail scratched across the veneer won’t reveal too much substance.

I had a bad day – the boss was complaining all day, and even the Courtney Love soundtrack didn’t help. He was trying to be cute. I flirted with him, he flirted back, and then I whupped him, right? I down my drink and I get up to leave. He throws me another line, and I throw him back a smile.

He’s working hard at it. I’ve been working hard. He isn’t my boss. I should have directed the anger at the right target, but sometimes that isn’t the easiest thing to pull off, is it?

‘I had a bad day at work,’ I tell him ‘I didn’t mean to snap at you. I do like that song though – I picked the last twenty minutes of songs; so that’s why I was a little frosty when you criticised it.’

He smiles. ‘That’s fine. My name’s, Patrick. I’m sorry too – didn’t mean to attack a song you like.’

‘My name’s Eloise, and it’s cool – you were being honest. Better than spinning some line of bullshit.’

‘Well, I was spinning a line of bullshit.’

‘I know.’

‘I know you know.’

‘Look, I just didn’t want to leave with you having a bad impression of me.’

‘I’ve seen you a lot, you were always a bit of a mystery to me. I know you work at the music shop, and you come here and sit in the corner and don’t say anything, and you like music.’

‘Ah, didn’t even know you’d noticed me.’

‘Who wouldn’t?’

I’m blushing, and this whole day has spun on a dime. I’m not interested in him, but maybe there is more to him.

‘I’ll see you next time I’m in here.’

‘Yes,’ he says, smiling ‘you will.’

Another day ends. Time to go home and eat.